…So… I had a conversation with Louis in September to see if he wanted to be my roommate in 2012…


…short answer. YES… (PS: I got a new pet, his name is Gesaffelstein).


So… yeah, we had a conversation in New York in early September… we were pretty drunk.

Sorta fun when a drunk roommate conversation actually turns into reality.  So far, I love living with this guy.  First roommate that I’ve had that actually says “Ca Va” and “Good Morning” every morning.  Sorta gay.  But we all sorta gay in our own way.

Here are some more fun flicks of moving and adapting to LA. Stuff like goin to IKEA & FRY’S. YEP. TOOK THE FRENCHIES TO FRY’S ;)

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This year’s gonna be awesome :)

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  1. melissa mac

    when is the house party? good lord.

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