For some reason, I kept missing Jesse Rose’s sets in LA due to weird timing.


So I went to Vanguard to finally go and support the homie. Thanks for the invite bud!

So, my weird friendship with Jesse Rose started a while back at some random daytime bbq , then I hung out with him again at SoHo House… After a bunch of jokes, we both became friends based on well, I don’t even know. Mickey Mouse?

Did You Know? –  I guess I met him before without knowing it at London Carnival 2010 ;)

Anyways, cut to couple months, and here we are at the Vanguard on some warm night in September.

Here are some PHOTOS.  I wish I had brought the video cam that night :(

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PS: That was the night that TEKI landed in LA!  So we took him to PDC. HOLLA! LEMON SKIRTS!

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